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EZ-Guide 500

The EZ-Guide 500 is the world's first GPS lightbar with a color display and mapping and steering capable of repeatable 1 inch accuracy.  The EZ-Guide 500 features a built-in dual-frequency receiver that gives you the option of choosing your GPS correction source from WAAS, OmniStar, or RTK.  All without having to buy another receiver.  The colorful on-screen maps give you a good visual of areas that you have and haven't covered in the field.  Click the picture above for more information.

Guidance patterns available for the EZ-Guide 500 are shown below.

Firmware version 5.00

Version 5.00 for the EZ-Guide 500 has been released.  Click the link above to download the firmware.  Save the firmware to your computer.  Once downloaded, you have to unzip the folder before you can transfer the update to a memory stick and update the lightbar.  


Features of the new firmware include manure spreading tracking and reporting functions, boundary recording, SwathFinder, Headland/Infill Switching, 10 Hz GPS rate and Summary Report enhancements.  


The EZ-Guide 500 can now be used for manure spreading tracking and reporting purposes.  This option can be used to easily track the location of the area covered, along with the volume per area and other important data points.  When using this feature, you can enter the rate being applied for each field.  When finished, the summary report will show the applied manure.  

The EZ-Guide 500 now allows you to create multiple boundaries in any field with any pattern type.  When combined with the EZ-Boom system, you can set the areas you wish to apply product to.  Once you have a recorded boundary, EZ-Boom only applied inside that boundary and automatically shuts off when outside the boundary.

The new SwathFinder feature helps guide you from one swath to another to providing a turning path connecting the two swaths.  It is available for AB, A+, Headland AB, and Headland A+ field pattern types.  You can choose how wide the turns, how far ahead of the vehicle the turn is created, and you can choose to skip a set number of swaths..

The EZ-Guide 500 now allow you to choose how guidance switches between the headland and infill part of the field.  The options are Manual and Automatic.

The EZ-Guide 500 is now capable of operating at 10 Hz GPS.  The EZ-Guide 500 is also capable of outputting 10 Hz GPS messages which makes it more compatible with newer third-party hardware.

Summary reports are automatically created for each operation when the field is closed.  Pages created in the summaries include:  Event Summary, Overlap, Height, Applied Rate, Speed, and Mapped Features.  The pages can be exported all together or one at a time depending on which ones you want.

FreeForm recording has been updated with new icons that make it easier to determine which state you are in.  Quick reference icons appear on the map screen to monitor pattern and recording status for more efficient FreeForm operations. 

The LB25 External Lightbar is a remote lightbar that can be added to the EZ-Guide 250.  If the EZ-Guide 250 is too much of a hindrance to have mounted for optimum viewing of the lights, you can mount the EZ-Guide 250 out of the way and then mount the LB25 on the windshield.  Another use would be mounting the LB25 on the rear window to show vehicle position while observing the implement.

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